Why Big Plays?

Why did I chose Big Plays for the name of the blog?  It’s an idea that has been percolating for a long time in my head.  The Big Play uses a sports metaphor which describes how an athlete can make a key play at an opportune moment in the contest which has a profound influence on the outcome of the game.  Not everyone on the team can be a Big Play maker, but great teams usually have a number of people that have that knack.

I define a Big Play as an action taken to have a profound effect on a business, community or even a family.  It has elements of passion, risk and teamwork.  I have observed a number of Big Play makers in my career and life to date, and I am studying this type of person as I try to grow into a Big Play maker myself.

This blog is dedicated to my quest to become a Big Play maker in my career, community and family.  I hope by studying and writing about this frequently I can understand what being a Big Play maker is all about.


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