The Ingredients For An Amazing Training Experience

I was nominated by my management to attend an off-site training the last couple of days.  The topic was Performance Based Presentations.  I thought, oh goody, another class on PowerPoint.  I could not have been more wrong.

The content of the course was absolutely amazing.  I got some great strategies for both preparing and delivering presentations in different scenarios.  In the next few weeks I have a few important presentations that this will no doubt make a difference in not only my success, but also help my self-confidence.

The moral of this story though isn’t about this great course.  A manager I had at one point had a theory about training.  There are three value propositions for training: getting away from the daily grind at the office to focus, the people you meet and collaborate with during the experience, and, of course, the content itself.

I have a lot going on in my world right now, especially at work.  Getting a break from my office and those fun meetings to build a skill, and the chance to meet some great people when added to the content of the course made this an encounter that will impact me going forward.  I am grateful for this opportunity.


Getting Some Brain Food, Or The Start of Something Bigger?

Food for the Body and Soul

A couple of weeks ago, I finished off my involvement with Shannon Park Lego League by hosting the Showcase that had been previously postponed by weather.  That night, I chose to have a steak dinner (a bone-in ribeye steak, please).  Yes, I was hungry, but my soul needed it more than anything to mark the closure of this commitment I made a few years ago.  I think the mind is a lot the same.  It needs to be fed from time to time to keep it sharp.

Last night, I started a Mini-Masters course on Marketing Management at the University of St. Thomas.  A few months ago, I decided to enter this course as a way to broaden my capabilities beyond the technical, leadership and management work I do today.  In essence, it will provide some brain food.  A healthy thing, I think.

As I sat through the 3 hour lecture from the professor, I feel like I may have stumbled onto potentially several other opportunities for me to make Big Plays in my life.  I see opportunities immediately to apply the knowledge I am gaining to my current job, but also it got me wondering if there is a new Big Play I haven’t even though of yet?  Is it a start of a new direction, or a new way to contribute within my current responsibilities?  Only time will tell, but my eyes, ears, heart and mind are open to the possibilities ahead.