Congratulations, Lyle!

I just got my hands on Delivering Mobile-Friendly Websites with MVC4, authored by my colleague and friend Lyle Luppes (blog). I am really happy for him and this accomplishment.

I am not a software engineer, so I would not get much personal value in reading this book. However, I would not hesitate recommending this work to any software engineer interested in this topic. I have worked with Lyle for many years, on many projects, and I know his work to be thorough. Great job, Lyle! Congratulations on this accomplishment!


Book Review: Joel Comm’s Twitter Power

I’m on a business trip this week, and this always provides an opportunity to get caught up on reading.  Since social media is a big area of interest in my work these days, I thought I’d read Joel Conn’s book, entitled Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time.

In my work as a corporate research manager, it’s important for me to stay up on these trends, and I am seeing more and more relevance each day for social media sites like Twitter.  Mr. Conn’s book hit me at the exactly at the right time in my journey to embrace social media.  I appreciate the informal writing style a great deal.  It makes the whole process much easier to digest.  What is the big deal about this silly little microblogging application  that limits you to 140 characters?  Joel Conn explains very well why companies like mine need to pay attention to this cultural shift.

In my view, the most valuable portion of the book comes at the end with a “30 Day Plan for Dominating Twitter.”  I fully intend to try it and I will keep readers posted as to my journey (which includes this new blog as well!).  In addition, I applied some of his tweet-writing and following strategies and I saw my follower count double , which didn’t take much at this stage of my Twitter evolution.

Bottom line, I recommend this work for anyone wanting to get serious about Twitter.   I look forward to talking on my blog about my progress through the 30 day domination plan.