Sea World 2009 Spring Break
Sea World 2009 Spring Break

I like to play golf and travel.  I don’t get to do nearly enough of both.  I also love to watch baseball.  I have been a Twins fan all my life, and I am really excited to see the new ballpark in the spring of 2010.  Some of the entries on my bucket list include visiting some of the classic ballparks such as Fenway Park, as well as participating in a Twins Fantasy Camp some day.  I did get to see the Nationals stadium in 2010 during our trip to Washington DC. The photo on the home page is from the Spring of 2011 when I visited the Phillies complex and got to see the Twins play a spring game there.

As for golf, I have been playing the game since I was 10 years old, and played competitively in college. I am very lucky to have 2 holes-in-one to my credit, both of which were big thrills.

As a family, we are into geocaching as a family activity.  A couple of years ago we took a trip over the Thanksgiving holiday that took us to four states in three days searching for caches.  Another time we tried to see how many caches we could find in one day.  We like geocaching because you get to see sights that one would not likely see otherwise.


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