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Now this is what music is all about…

A few months ago I got into a new show, at least it was to me.  It’s called “Live From Daryl’s House” starring Daryl Hall and his band.  It started as an Internet show which features artists from diverse genres and generations and they get together and play each other’s music.  Also included are food preparation segments which provide a nice break between the music.  I am watching it on the Palladia network on cable now.

The thing I like about this show the most is the pure joy that happens in this room as the artists mesh to make old songs new again.  These artists seem truly happy doing this.  To me, that’s what music is all about!

For those who don’t know about this show, here’s a sample video.  Daryl and his band are playing with a band called The Dirty Heads, and they came up with an interesting rendition of the old Hall & Oates hit “Rich Girl”.  Enjoy!

I Took A Shot Down The Field

The people I work with know I like good quotes.  I have a wall in my office where I place some of my favorites.  I leave them up because they inspire me.  On different days, certain quotes reach me and help me gain some perspective in the face of challenges.

I apologize for the Harry Truman quote, but I got it on a birthday card a few years ago and while kind of gross, it is good advice.

Last week, I was inspired by one of the magnets containing the following quote from our great former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt:

Do one thing every day that scares you.

It’s on the left side, third from the top.

I have been working on this blog now for over 2 years, and while it’s been great to write a little bit I can’t help feeling like there are bigger opportunities possible from this platform.  In other words, I think I have found my voice and I want to share with more people.

In that moment of inspiration I searched online for leadership blogs that accept guest submissions.  I found a leadership blog, managed by Liz Strauss, that fit that mold.  I sent my post idea to her and she accepted.  It was exciting to get this feedback so quickly!  Here’s a link to see the post.

I think the key learning for me here is that it is not so hard to find your voice and contribute to the practice of leadership.  In other words, I took a shot down the field and completed a pass.  It’s not all that scary after all.

I’m done, and it’s too bad, really…

I thought I went into this for all of the right reasons — love of the game of baseball, desire to spend time with my son, help kids learn baseball and so on.  I have one week to go in a long summer of baseball coaching, and the one thing I have learned for sure – I am done volunteering as a head baseball coach in exactly 7 days (3 games to go) and I am SO looking forward to it.

I know I am not the greatest coach in the world.  Not even close.

I am a human who makes mistakes but my overall intention is to do good by the kids.  I am capable of learning from my mistakes, and I have indeed made some and learned from them.  I also realized that for some, I am not allowed to even so much as raise an eyebrow if their son is misbehaving.  I have parents “pointing out” that their son is either pitching too much or too little.  I have spent far too much time processing all of this information trying to figure out how to adapt to this new reality.  I lost sleep while stewing over it.  I have been accused of trying to live vicarously through my son because I managed to teach him how to throw the ball across the plate consistently for his age.  In the face of conduct issues during games and practices, my choices about action or inaction toward an “offender” have been questioned consistently, albeit in a very subtle manner.  I get paid how much? 

Coaching Basketball 2009
Coaching Basketball 2009

If I were doing this for a living, I’d say that’s part of the job description.  For a volunteer, I have decided as of today that it’s not worth the effort.  It’s not worth cutting out of work early to pitch early batting practice, not worth losing sleep, not worth missing the opportunity to just sit outside on a summer evening and watching the kids play.

Jacob Catchin
Coaching Baseball 2010

It’s too bad, really.  We need more people to step up and volunteer to coach the kids.  In today’s society where it’s way easier to question or criticize, it’s no wonder we don’t have more agree to help.  I’ll probably stick to assistant coaching or just watching.

There’s An App For That: Easter

Happy Easter!  At our church, it was announced on Good Friday that the congregation should bring bells to Easter worship.  When “Alleluia!” was spoken or sung, the congregation was to ring these bells to celebrate the Resurrection. 

Hand Bell Application from iTunes
Hand Bell Application from iTunes

Being the techo-geek that I am, the first thing that went through my head was, “there’s got to be an app for that!”  So, my wife Debby took my phone when we got to the car and sure enough we found one.  In fact, we found several.  We went with the “Hand Bell” application, and I am proud to say my 8-year old son used it proudly on every “Alleluia” this morning!  It was fun!

More proof that there is an app for everything.  Bring on the iPad!