On Becoming a Leader

Ran across a great post this morning on a leadership blog, Lead With Giants.  I think it reinforces some points about the difference between leadership and management.

In the end, it’s my opinion that it comes down to passion.  What flag will you plant?


No Budget, No Pay Act Signed By Obama


The link above is to a nice opinion piece about the “No Budget, No Pay” act that recently passed, and has now been signed by the President.

Obviously not a cure-all for Washington’s ills, but it is a step in the right direction toward holding Congress accountable for passing a budget.

Congratulations to nolabels.org for spearheading the effort.  It shows yet again that grassroots efforts can make a difference, and this one is great as it prioritizes progress over ideology.

Super Bowl Ad Faves 2013

I decided to keep a list during the Super Bowl of my favorite ads.  Here’s this year’s list.  I think the Montana Stain from Tide was my winner this year.



My wife is a soon-to-be ex-librarian, so I thought this was a good one.


I guess this had some backlash.  Calm down, mon.  The dude is from Minnesota, after all.

Taco Bell

I have this vision that this is what goes on in the retirement communities during the winter.


The magic Montana stain was a brilliant and funny concept.


This one reminds me of the outpost.com ad of many years ago.

Here’s the cars.com commercial:

The ads are fun, aren’t they?

3M Technology Changing Medicine

Some of the cool stuff we are doing at 3M in software are some of the industry’s best kept secrets.  One example is our Littmann 3200 Bluetooth Stethoscope.  My team worked with the division to create this system.  This telemedicine technology is some really cool stuff.  Here’s a link to a great video about this project.  Also, it’s getting some great press from healthcare leaders, highlighted by a great post coming out of Microsoft.

We’ve got several more examples of great software technology coming out of 3M.  Stay tuned as I intend to share more about what we are doing!

A new way for politics?

Over the last month or two I have been paying a little attention to a newly formed group called No Labels. Simply put, they aren’t Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative. The group touts itself as a group of Americans who are interested in putting America first over partisan politics and figure out how to compromise.

Interesting thought. I am going to continue to follow them for a while and see if they can get meaningful traction. I like the idea, but it flies in the face of today’s Washington culture which continues to promote extremism and division. I applaud the efforts of No Labels and hope they can change the tone in Washington and across the nation.

Enough Already!

Is anyone else tired of this election season?  If you watch television at any time during the day, you can’t avoid the latest attack ads designed to embarrass and humiliate a candidate.  Is this necessary?

I did a little unscientific research and uncovered a shocking statistic.  One article I found suggests ad spending of over FIVE BILLION DOLLARS.  A large percentage of this spend no doubt is on attack or negative ads.

I think it would be a rational proposal to ban attack ads in campaigns.  That should take the ad spend down, and maybe that money could be used for something productive.  Anyone have ideas on how we could invest that money?