Stop Making Simple Things Hard

This is the first post for me in a long time.  I have been going through a lot at work, and happy to say they are all good problems.

I have been doing some reflection lately, and I have come up with a series of posts that I will be rolling out.  They are a more generalized version of what I plan to share with my team next week as we are beginning a new year.  Here we go!

How many times have we all just blindly done things the same way just because it’s “how we always have done it?”  I am guilty of it far too often.  This past year, I experienced a situation where I was asked by my boss to do an important report for an executive.  Reading the request, I couldn’t help thinking how easy this should have been, but it wasn’t.  It was difficult only because the information was scattered across a number of people, network and cloud drives.  Meanwhile, I had to take a business trip to meet with an internal customer.  I was forced to make a choice about whether or not I should follow through a make the trip, as the deadline was not negotiable.  I ended up cancelling out of the trip, which really bothered me (fortunately I had one of my leaders that could take control).  I ended up taking advantage of the open time now on my schedule to design a solution to handle these types of requests more efficiently.  The value of solving the bigger problem is a great example of making a simple thing simple.  The effort usually will have high payback in the long run.  Imagine if you found several items in your day to day work that could be simplified with a little extra effort.  You would have more time to spend dealing with the more difficult and impactful things.