Now this is what music is all about…

A few months ago I got into a new show, at least it was to me.¬† It’s called “Live From Daryl’s House” starring Daryl Hall and his band.¬† It started as an Internet show which features artists from diverse genres and generations and they get together and play each other’s music.¬† Also included are food preparation segments which provide a nice break between the music.¬† I am watching it on the Palladia network on cable now.

The thing I like about this show the most is the pure joy that happens in this room as the artists mesh to make old songs new again.¬† These artists seem truly happy doing this.¬† To me, that’s what music is all about!

For those who don’t know about this show, here’s a sample video.¬† Daryl and his band are playing with a band called The Dirty Heads, and they came up with an interesting rendition of the old Hall & Oates hit “Rich Girl”.¬† Enjoy!

No Budget, No Pay Act Signed By Obama

The link above is to a nice opinion piece about the “No Budget, No Pay” act that recently passed, and has now been signed by the President.

Obviously not a cure-all for Washington’s ills, but it is a step in the right direction toward holding Congress accountable for passing a budget.

Congratulations to for spearheading the effort.  It shows yet again that grassroots efforts can make a difference, and this one is great as it prioritizes progress over ideology.

Waste Management Open in Phoenix – Not Your Regular PGA Event

This PGA Tour event is one of the more popular events on tour each year. ¬†And also the most unique, as evidenced by the following videos. ¬†It’s great to see these players lightening up a bit and having some fun!

Padraig Harrington kicking a football

Caddy Races


I hope this kind of thing continues at this event for years to come.  Maybe I can make it there some day.

Super Bowl Ad Faves 2013

I decided to keep a list during the Super Bowl of my favorite ads. ¬†Here’s this year’s list. ¬†I think the Montana Stain from Tide was my winner this year.



My wife is a soon-to-be ex-librarian, so I thought this was a good one.


I guess this had some backlash.  Calm down, mon.  The dude is from Minnesota, after all.

Taco Bell

I have this vision that this is what goes on in the retirement communities during the winter.


The magic Montana stain was a brilliant and funny concept.

This one reminds me of the ad of many years ago.

Here’s the commercial:

The ads are fun, aren’t they?

3M Technology Changing Medicine

Some of the cool stuff we are doing at 3M in software are some of the industry’s best kept secrets. ¬†One example is our Littmann 3200 Bluetooth Stethoscope. ¬†My team worked with the division to create this system. ¬†This telemedicine technology is some really cool stuff. ¬†Here’s a link to a great video¬†about this project. ¬†Also, it’s getting some great press from healthcare leaders, highlighted by a great post coming out of Microsoft.

We’ve got several more examples of great software technology coming out of 3M. ¬†Stay tuned as I intend to share more about what we are doing!