I Still Love The Twins

TodayTwins fans would agree it has been a rough season…again.  This season was a little brighter than last, but it’s clear there are some big deficiencies, especially in our pitching staff.  I have faith that management will work hard this offseason to build a better roster for 2013.Yesterday

But even through this season, I still enjoy watching games on TV or at the park.  I have been a fan all my life, and that will never change.  I have shared that love with my dad and grandfathers, and am now sharing it with my son.  With the advent of social media, my cousin and I are regularly tweeting about the Twins, many times while the game is going on.   We enjoy the highs and lows, just as we have for the last 40+ years.

 I ran across an old photo I got from my mom while back.  42 years later, I am proud to be a Twins fan.  Get ’em next year, boys!  Cheer for the Minnesota Twins today!