Fitbit – A Cool New Wellness Gadget

There are a million and one gadgets to help with various aspects of your healthcare, not to mention a variety of ways to track that information online. I’ve tried a few, both personally, and as a part of my job, and none of them has really stuck.
Last September, I was at a business dinner and heard about Fitbit. This gentleman shared his story on how easy access to the data was a strong motivating factor in his journey to change his habits and overall wellness. Fitbit is a system that combines a device and a web-based system to track movement, calories burned and distance traveled. As a data junkie, I initially thought that getting access to this data would really change behavior. I was right. 20 pounds lost and more to come!
If you are getting started on getting fit and want to easily track progress, the Fitbit is as about as good as it gets. I see that there are more Fitbit devices being launched at CES this week. I plan to check them out! And I will use my Fitbit to see how much I walk this year at CES. Hope I don’t run out of battery since I forgot my charger!


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I am a software lab manager in the Corporate Research Lab at 3M in St. Paul.

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