CES: Getting Ready

I am on my way. The Delta flight I am on has some free WiFi service as a promotion for CES, but it’s mighty slow. Oh well. I am due to arrive in a couple of hours on the show floor. Comfortable shoes — check! This could be a 20,000 step day.

This is my second trip to this event. My first came in 2009 when the big TV ruled, and 3D was beginning to show up on the scene. I remember being skeptical that it would take off in the home, and I was pretty much right.

This year it looks like health and wellness technologies are big this year, plus a steady diet of TVs that are connected. I should also see lots of tablets or ultra thin laptops. It will also be interesting to see how Microsoft’s presence has changed (and some speculation about the future).

I am armed with a number of requests from colleagues to scout some very specific things, so I should be busy for the next few days. I hope to blog a little while I am there.

Hope my shoes hold up!


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I am a software lab manager in the Corporate Research Lab at 3M in St. Paul.

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