Rest In Peace, Our Dear Family Friend

As a parent and a pet owner, I knew one day it would happen.  I just didn’t think it would happen so soon.  Our cat Margo, just shy of being six years old, passed away yesterday from extensive kidney disease.  It broke my heart to see the kids go through this, as I remember it well from when I was a child.

As I reflect on her time with us, it brings me great joy.  She was, from all reports, the runt of her litter.  Despite her size disadvantage, she was unafraid of her sister and would push her to wrestle and play.  Margo didn’t like to be handled much, but was most comfortable with our son, Jacob.  As a very young boy, he was not as gentle as someone older might be, but Margo went along with it and tolerated him like no one else.

Margo Relaxing in Her Favorite Spot
Jacob and Margo - 2005

As for me, what I will remember most is how she would come into our bedroom every night around 10 pm.  You could almost set your watch by her nightly visits.  She usualy spent just a few minutes with us, most nights wanting to lay on Debby.  Then, before we knew it, she’d move on to play with her sister cat for a bit, followed by settling in Jacob’s room for the night.

Last night, the Margo we said good bye to was not the one we knew and loved.  I saw it in her eyes — she was in pain.  We mourned together and shared memories of Margo.  We miss you already, kitty, but are glad you are no longer suffering.


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2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Our Dear Family Friend”

  1. Addendum: Jacob did some writing of his own. Here it is unedited:

    I miss you Margo and I love you and you will never leave my mind.
    Your sister misses you. All of us do. You will be the prettiest angel ever. It will be different with out you. You are the best cat ever. This is the hardest thing ever. No cat will ever fill in the missing spot in my heart. Like a puzzle piece in my soul. Margo I will always love you no matter what. I would rather have you here right by my side. I miss your silky fur, green eyes, the way you snuggle me, when you would dance and twirl for a treat, the way you purred,the way you rubbed everything, and how you were so brave and how you kept fighting so hard but it was to late. I’m trying to not cry but it’s hard not to stop thinking about things that I would rather do with you if you were here. It’s going to be hard to get a new cat. I kept your collar. I have a box to remember you and all of good times that you and me had. I wish this never would come to good bye but it did. Why…why did you have to go. I love you so much and it’s really hard to lose you.


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