Delegate The Important Stuff, Too!

This past week at work we hosted our division Vice President in our laboratory.  It was a presentation that was a couple of weeks in the making, and if you read my previous post you know I have been dealing with Bell’s Palsy.  When I got back from my holiday break,  we were just less than 2 weeks from the presentation.  I knew I wouldn’t be ready to do the presentation myself, so I made the decision to delegate responsibility for preparing for the visit to one of my team members.

He immediately took control of the planning, gathered the team and the technology we planned to share, and let him go.  Even though he was in full control, I was still able to guide and direct, but didn’t have to deal with the gory details.

This isn’t natural for me, as when a VIP comes to visit, I like to control it.  I have been successful in the past when I have control of the variables and take sufficient time to prepare.  So to have a great success last week without the sweat over the details was a valuable learning experience for me.  Furthermore, there are important ramifications to my team as I showed a level of trust that they would deliver on a very important objective.  Finally, it gives me the opportunity as a leader to recognize success by doing some public, informal recognition for a job well done.  Lots of good came out of it.

The reward for me?  I get to host the VP again next month as he wants to learn more and help us with our initiative.  This was great news.  I now know how I am going to approach it.


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I am a software lab manager in the Corporate Research Lab at 3M in St. Paul.

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