Have we gone soft?

I’m not normally one who rants, but this is getting beyond silly.

It’s Minnesota.  It’s December.  It’s going to snow.  Sometimes a lot.

Come on, surely we know how to deal with this.  I don’t ever remember a time when school or other events got cancelled before it even starts snowing when I was growing up.  We put on our boots, bundled up and went on our way.

Tomorrow I was supposed to host an event for the kids of the local elementary school.  I was getting pressure to cancel from nervous parents and administrators.  In fact, the decision was made for me without even waiting to see how the weather plays out in the morning.  Grrr.

Now the weather terrorists on TV and radio stir up everyone’s fear, causing decisions to be made before they have to be made.  I just got back from the local grocery store with the rest of the town, and you would have thought it was going to be a hurricane or something.  There were a number of items that were sold out.  Apparently folks are afraid that they won’t get out of their house for days.  Really?

One of our local sportscasters (@DanBarreiroKFAN) has consistently pointed out the lunacy of weather terrorism.  In fact, I believe he coined the phrase.

Yes, it might snow a little.  You might need a little more time.  Slow down on the road.  Isn’t it why we all buy 4×4 vehicles?

I, for one, don’t plan to let the weather terrorists win.  I will get up tomorrow and blow out my driveway and move on with my day.  Take that.