Some Great Exposure

I have been enjoying the following video representing one of the projects I have been working on this year.  This is from Health Tech Today, hosted by Dr. Bill Crounse from Microsoft.  I had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Crounse this year on several occasions, resulting in the creation of this video describing the Littmann 3200 Bluetooth Stethoscope from 3M.  This turned out great, I thought.

My team has been working on this technology this year, and we are really excited to get this exposure.  Enjoy!


Some New (or Old) Advice

Mr. Ted Turner - November 9th, 2010

This week, I had the privilege of attending a conference at which Ted Turner (yes, THE Ted Turner) did a keynote session, which was conducted in an interview format.  The moderator asked a series of questions and Mr. Turner provided his insights on a variety of topics that were relevant to the conference.

Without going into the details of the discussion, he did share one nugget that stuck with me:

“Early to bed, early to rise, work hard, and ADVERTISE!”

I think this is going to be my motto as I go into 2011.  What struck me is that in order to move forward, whether it be my career, or my cause, it’s not enough just to work hard.  You have to be able to tell others what you’re doing and why it matters.

It may be the core essence of The Big Play.  Next, I am going to come up with some strategies to put this idea into motion.  Stay tuned for 2011.  My team and I are going to take our message to the streets.