Clear: A Great Alternative to Cable Broadband

Last weekend I checked into my favorite electronics store to pick up some batteries for the upcoming Lego League season.  I encountered a salesperson from Clear (  Usually, I try to avoid such conversations as I often know as much or more about their products and services, since it is my job to understand software technologies.

For some reason, this encounter was different.  I talked for a bit with the salesman and realized they have a great solution that is an improvement from the cable modem solution from Charter Communications, which has been my high-speed internet provider for nearly 10 years.

CLEAR Speed Test Results

Clear offers 4G service, which has no contract, no limits, no throttling and no wires and is extremely easy to setup.  The price was mostly the same as my cable modem, but the performance was the part I was most concerned about as I was contemplating the change.  I was told that I should expect 6 – 8 Mbps, with bursts up to 12 Mbps.  During my no-risk trial period of 10 days, I decided to see what I would get.  Over the course of this week I consistently got over 10 Mbps download speeds.  As late as this morning, I am still getting over 8 Mbps.  Pretty good.  I am sold.  This will be a solid solution for us.


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I am a software lab manager in the Corporate Research Lab at 3M in St. Paul.

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