Cool New Twitter feature: Who to follow

Who to follow on Twitter
New Twitter feature

I noticed a few days ago that Twitter has created a new feature that suggests people to follow on Twitter, much in the way Facebook does it.  I’ve found it to be useful to find people of interest in my work, as well as my personal interests.  On the Twitter web page, look on the right side of your home page, there you will find a “Who to follow” section which includes a few ideas for people to follow based on the people you are already following on Twitter.  If you click the “view all” link, you will find a much longer list of suggestions.  Furthermore, there is navigation on the right-hand side of that page listing major categories.  This is really useful.  A much more focused list follows where it becomes very efficient to pick and choose who to follow.  I found some real gems in these lists.  More is better, I believe.  Yes, it’s more information to process.  However, with a tool like Twitter it is very easy to quickly cull through information to figure out what is happening in the world.

Based on my earlier post on accessing thought leadership with Twitter, this is a great way to get a finger on the pulse of interesting external developments.  In my world, it’s about new technology developments around software and systems.  Most recently, I have used Twitter to follow Apple iPhone/iPad developments, which has proven to be useful.


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I am a software lab manager in the Corporate Research Lab at 3M in St. Paul.

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