Feed My Starving Children

This week, my wife Debby caught a whopper of a cold.  As a result, she asked me if I would cover her volunteer assignment at church taking middle school kids on a service project.  I was happy to help her out, but I would be lying if I said I would have rather been doing my own thing.  Visions of watching the Twins game in my recliner were more my speed after a long week at work.  My attitude wasn’t great, but being the good soldier I drove the kids to the packing site of Feed My Starving Children in Eagan, MN.

Feed My Starving Children
Feed My Starving Children

When I arrived, I started to understand what was really going on.  This was a site that was creating nutritionally balanced meals for children who are beyond hungry — they are starving and will die in large numbers.  My attitude changed immediately.

So, the team went to work for a 90 minute shift of packing these meals.  Soy, rice, chicken and veggies are put into a pouch.  It was a high energy experience that went very quickly.  We got into a rhythm (because of the load, upbeat music) and my table managed to pack 10 boxes during our time.  My job was to seal the packages with this machine that heated and pressed tight the end of the bag.

I think the part of the evening I liked the most was at the end when the supervisor announced the tally of the large team effort.  Overall, 52 boxes were filled, which translated to the feeding of 31 children in Guatamala for one year.  Wow.  I am looking forward to my next trip, which I hope will be soon.  I would think this would be an excellent team-building event.  Note to my team:  this may be coming soon!


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I am a software lab manager in the Corporate Research Lab at 3M in St. Paul.

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