iPad: My First Week

Apple iPad

I was one of the 50,000 who got in on the first pre-order from Apple for my iPad.  I bought the 64 GB model.  I was very excited when it arrived, so I immediately opened it and started playing with it.  I found it very easy to setup and run, but that’s not a surprise after I don’t know how many iPods I have bought and setup for myself and my family.

Let’s get the criticism out of the way at this point.  Here are the key things I see as deficiencies with the current version of the iPad, in no particular order:

  • No camera
  • No USB port
  • Screen gets dirty very easily (easy solution:  3M Electronics Cleaning Cloth — works great!)
  • Glare in bright rooms has been problematic
  • Ability to multi-task applications
  • Limited number of applications in the early days — was surprised that some key apps did not have an iPad version (e.g. Facebook)
  • Maybe a little heavy for its size?
  • I know the 3G version is coming, but do I really need to pay for internet access (data plan) a third time?

There’s a bunch of reasons to love this device, however.  The 1 gHz processor is plenty snappy, especially compared with my 1st generation iPhone.  The applications optimized for iPad, such as iBooks and YouTube, really work well.  I also am enjoying the USA Today on the iPad.  It feels almost like I am reading the paper.  The best use I came up with so far is to share YouTube videos with a colleague during an impromptu meeting.  No searching for the cord to connect to a projector or using crappy laptop sound.  Using my clever protective case (from Apple) and the speakers in the iPad, I quickly started and ran a video with no disruption to the flow of the meeting.  This is very good.

My next steps are to continue to walk around and use this as a productivity tool.  I intend to buy at least some of the iWork tools offered.  Inside the corporate firewall, we may have a printing and file sharing solution.  More on that later.  I am also awaiting a VGA adaptor, which will allow me to connect to a projector.  That will make for some interesting demonstrations, to be sure.

All in all, I would characterize myself as one who likes this technology, however, I am not a raging fan.  This is a very solid first release, true to Apple’s form.  If I were going to buy this myself for personal use, I can’t say with absolute certainty that I would make the investment.  I think it’s too early to tell how this tablet computing market will play out.  But while we wait, I will enjoy downloading more applications to my iPad and get as much out of it as I can.


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I am a software lab manager in the Corporate Research Lab at 3M in St. Paul.

3 thoughts on “iPad: My First Week”

  1. The VGA adapter for the iPad is useful but has limitations.
    First lets focus on what it can do :
    Works very well with the YouTube App
    Works very well for playing Videos from the device itself
    Works well with iWork Keynote in slideshow mode
    Work well with the photo app but only in slideshow mode
    the VGA out works well with all of these apps in but only in play mode

    Some of the things it cannot do:
    Does not mirror the screen
    Does not work with Safari to view web pages

    In conclusion I find the VGA Adapter very useful and it works with all the apps I need it to work with but it just seems a bit limited and could be improved a little. The ipad is a very new device and I am sure there is more to come possibly in OS 4

  2. For more information about early iPad complaints, I found this blog post at http://huff.to/aCDddQ. I realized that I share at least one of the issues around my iPad device failing to charge when connected to my laptop via the USB port. Interesting.

    It’s the price you pay for being an early adopter of a new technology.

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