Enhancing Career Growth – Visibility Tactic #1: The Elevator Speech

I’m going through the performance appraisal process with my team again.  As I am thinking about this process, I am seeing a common thread around visibility.  It is no longer good enough to simply show up, do good work and expect to receive recognition through promotions, high performance ratings, corporate awards or new opportunities.  So, how does one strategically enhance their visibility?

The next series of posts deals with this topic.  The first one of the series is developing an effective elevator speech.  Nothing is better than a great elevator speech.  An elevator speech is a term used to describe the story you would share about what you do that is done in the time it takes to take an elevator ride, usually about one to two minutes.  Great elevator speeches are memorable to those who hear them.  They are crisp, to the point, and usually contain a key business impact within it.  Because they are memorable, they tend to be remembered and will come up when ratings are discussed or opportunities are staffed.  I can’t say I have mastered this skill yet, but I like to think I am moving in the right direction.  What would YOU say if you were on the elevator with your CEO?  Could you capture her/his attention?  Tell me your elevator speech stories!


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I am a software lab manager in the Corporate Research Lab at 3M in St. Paul.

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