Book Review: Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn

I just finished getting my annual Vince Flynn fix.  In years past, I tended to read the book so fast that I barely got the chance to enjoy it.  I would then have to wait about another 360 days to get my hands on the next book.

Vince Flynn
Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn

  When I received my copy of Pursuit of Honor, I promised myself that I would take the time to savor it and I was so glad that I did.

This book picks up the storyline at the end of the previous book where Mitch Rapp and his clandestine colleagues deal with the fallout of the terrorist attack in Washington, DC.

The action moves quickly, as always, and the combination of the subplots reflect the political complexities that those who are working secretly to protect us must navigate.  It points out the conundrum we as a nation face when we think about conducting the war on terrorism.  I am thankful there are people who so willingly serve our country in the shadows and tenaciously pursue those who seek to harm us.

Without spoiling any of the plot, I’d definitely say that Vince Flynn delivers yet another winner.  The ending left me wanting to start the next book now!  At least this time I only have to wait about 300 days until his next book.  Get It Here at Amazon.


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